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Atmosphere 2018
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159862 - Welcome Reception & Innovation Zone Welcome Reception & Innovation Zone 3hr Reception
159865 - Innovation Zone Reception Innovation Zone Reception 2hr Reception
159866 - Atmosphere Appreciation Party Atmosphere Appreciation Party 3hr Party
187369 - Registration and Information Desk

Registration and Information Desk

12hr Registration and Information Desk
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AB001 - Introducing Aruba Support Portal (ASP), Aruba’s New Premier Online Support Experience

Get a first look at the new Aruba Support Portal (ASP). This session will demonstrate the four key features of the portal: full function online case management, simplified access to software releases & documentation, managing your licenses and assets, and the ability to log your favorite product enhancements. We will also discuss and demonstrate the process to on-board to ASP from your current My Networking Portal (MNP) environment, include the migration of assets so you can discontinue use of MNP.

75min Airhead Breakout Rajesh Ramdas
Karen Workman
Bipin Babu
AB002 - Mobility Field Day Extra at Atmosphere 2018

Join the most influential minds in the wireless community today as they discuss announcements from Atmosphere 2018 in this panel moderated by Tom Hollingsworth of Tech Field Day. Topics include wireless security, cloud, and the future of mobility. Find more information at

75min Airhead Breakout Tom Hollingsworth
AB003 - It’s All About the Data: Climbing the Intelligent Edge with Aruba and Microsoft Azure IoT End-to-End IoT solutions aren’t just in demand right now, they’re extremely challenging. Companies want transformational change of IoT with security and reliability of Aruba infrastructure and you’ve gotta make it happen. Learn how Aruba and Microsoft empower you to leverage the vast untapped value of business data.  Hear “Day in the Airhead Life” stories of how you can build upon your Wi-Fi mobility expertise to take your business and customers to the leading edge of digital transformation. End-to-End IoT solutions aren’t just in demand right now, they’re extremely challenging. Companies want transformational change of IoT with security and reliability of Aruba infrastructure and you’ve gotta make it happen. Learn how Aruba and Microsoft empower you to leverage the vast untapped value of business data.  Hear “Day in the Airhead Life” stories of how you can build upon your Wi-Fi mobility expertise to take your business and customers to the leading edge of digital transformation. 75min Airhead Breakout Jeff Bennett
AB101 - Technical Introduction to IntroSpect UEBA Aruba IntroSpect UEBA detects advanced targeted attacks that can evade traditional perimeter-based security defenses and accelerates incident investigation through analytics-driven insights, risk scoring and risk profiles. By applying behavioral analytics, IntroSpect continuously assesses the activity of users, entities and IoT devices with data gathered from the network and security infrastructure to provide the visibility and insights needed to stop inside threats before they do damage. 75min Airhead Breakout Marc Ibanez
AB102 - Use Cases: Deep Dive into IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) In this session we will review top use cases for Aruba IntroSpect and how each solves priority security challenges for customers. We'll review what we've learned from previous deployments to secure intellectual property and critical digital data in vertical markets like Tech, Financial Services, Utilities, Legal and Healthcare. 75min Airhead Breakout Shankar Subramaniam
AB103 - Addressing Hidden "Inside" Threats with UEBA This session covers infrastructure integration and the strategic importance, context and essential role of UEBA in a modern security operations center. We'll share real use cases where UEBA helped close dangerous security gaps that were previously unaddressed until the emergence of UEBA solutions a few years ago. You'll learn how UEBA works with other security solutions including SIEM, and how to discover and stop inside threats - which results in a stronger, much more agile security posture. 75min Airhead Breakout Shankar Subramaniam
AB104 - IntroSpect UEBA Hands-On Lab

Step up your IntroSpect UEBA competencies with hands-on experience and training from expert instructors. We'll start with basic configuration of data sources to understand the different capabilities of the Standard and Advanced licenses. Then, we'll dive into key functionalities such as user correlation, risk scoring, Entity 360 profiles, alert investigation, conversation screens, alert playbooks, and analytics use cases. The capacity of this lab is limited to 16 students.

3hr Airhead Breakout Marc Ibanez
AB105 - Introduction to Aruba ClearPass for Secure Network Access and Control Learn how to lower your security risk and take back control of what's on your network by knowing what is connecting wired and wirelessly. This interactive session teaches the basics of ClearPass Secure NAC and explains its role as part of any vendor's network through improved security, onboarding workflow and guest management. 75min Airhead Breakout bryan lechner
AB106 - Aruba ClearPass and 3rd Party Integrations Aruba ClearPass provides an extensive and complementary set of 3rd party integration via a framework called the Aruba 360 Secure Exchange. In this session you'll hear about the latest enhancements included in ClearPass 6.7, and we'll discuss new integrations we've released over the last quarter. 75min Airhead Breakout Angel Vidal
AB107 - Advanced Aruba ClearPass and 3rd Party Integrations Join us for a deep dive on integrating 3rd party security solutions with Aruba ClearPass. We will discuss how the Aruba 360 Security Exchange and ClearPass Extensions can enable ClearPass to not only share rich contextual information with other systems, but also how it can ingest information to make better security decisions. You will also learn about new ClearPass 6.7 enhancements and exciting new integrations from vendors like MobileIron, Airwatch, CarbonBlack and many more. 75min Airhead Breakout Danny Jump
AB108 - Wired Policy Enforcement with Aruba ClearPass Join us for a deep dive on multi-vendor wired policy enforcement using Aruba ClearPass. We will review different enforcement methods and technologies available for any wired switch. We will also showcase unique Aruba-specific enforcement technologies like per-user Tunneled-Node and Downloadable User Roles. 75min Airhead Breakout Tim Cappalli
Craig Mills
AB109 - Integrating Cloud Identity Providers with Aruba ClearPass Join us for a look into using Aruba ClearPass with enterprise and consumer Cloud Identity Providers such as Azure Active Directory, G Suite, and Facebook. We will dig into the underlying technologies and learn how to configure SAML and OAuth 2.0 for web-based user registration, authentication, and onboard workflows. 75min Airhead Breakout Tim Cappalli
AB110 - Best Practices for Deploying Aruba ClearPass Learn how to successfully deploy Aruba ClearPass. Hear about some common issues, deployment best practices, and simple things you can do to keep your environment running smoothly. 75min Airhead Breakout Nimal Mahesh Varampetran
Michael Fernandes
Angel Vidal
AB111 - Working with the Aruba ClearPass REST API Have you ever thought of integrating with Aruba ClearPass but were not sure where to start? In this interactive session, would be developers or seasoned veterans can learn how to discover, implement and troubleshoot the Aruba ClearPass REST APIs. 75min Airhead Breakout Tim Cappalli
AB112 - Deep Dive into Aruba ClearPass Authentication Technologies Ever wonder why certificates are required for username and password-based 802.1X or when to use SAML vs. OAuth 2.0? Join us for a deep dive into traditional network authentication methods as well as modern, cloud-based workflows and platforms. In this session, we'll explore the core technology, packet flows and user interactions for 802.1X/EAP, SAML, OAuth 2.0 and TACACS+. 75min Airhead Breakout Tim Cappalli
AB113 - Using Aruba ClearPass to Ensure Endpoint Compliance Hungry for more in-depth knowledge on how you can use ClearPass to ensure compliance for managed and unmanaged devices? This session will discuss using Aruba ClearPass OnGuard, endpoint visibility, and policy enforcement to ensure that devices are who they say they are and are healthy before allowing network access. 75min Airhead Breakout Dennis Boas
AB114 - Ask Me Anything: Security Product Group Come join the Aruba IntroSpect and Aruba ClearPass product team for an interactive Ask Me Anything. 75min Airhead Breakout Danny Jump
Madani Adjali
Shankar Subramaniam
Prasad Palkar
Viswesh Ananthakrishnan
bryan lechner
AB115 - Highly Available PKI Infrastructure to Support ClearPass Deployment Many network security solutions including ClearPass are dependent upon a PKI infrastructure to enable trust and authentication of users and devices. Many customers have either no PKI in place or have an infrastructure lacking in security, scale, and/or availability. This session covers design and implementation of a suitable infrastructure using Microsoft Enterprise PKI best practices for organizations up to global scale. The actual deployment of a global PKI for Broadcom to support ClearPass will be used as an example. 75min Airhead Breakout Ted Dasher
AB116 - Building an Intelligent Security Framework with ClearPass Exchange APIs

Aruba ClearPass APIs can be used to integrate with several layers of the infrastructure to share data and increase awareness between security components. This session will highlight specific use cases and how-to practically implement ClearPass exchange with third party product offerings to enhance network security and visibility.

75min Airhead Breakout Shaun Neal
AB152761 - TestSession2


1hr Airhead Breakout Ryan Haight
Cynthia Gonzales-Bahram
SRCTest2 SRCTest2
AB201 - Design Fundamentals for Branch Networks Extending connectivity to distributed branch locations can be challenging. This session explores the factors involved in deploying wired and wireless networks in large, distributed environments alongside effective use of policy and security. We'll help answer questions such as: When do you need a branch controller? When should you use an Instant AP? How do you move to a common policy framework for a branch with role-based access? 75min Airhead Breakout Ramanan Subramanian
Ed Chang
AB202 - Network Architectures for Cloud-managed Branch Deployments Deep dive into the hardware and software architecture to provide WAN, LAN and WLAN connectivity in branch networks. This session will explore best practices for SD-WAN and IAP-VPN architecture. 75min Airhead Breakout Manigandan Ganesan
Samuel Perez Bunuel
AB203 - First Look: Aruba SD-WAN for Securing and Optimizing the WAN What does SD-WAN mean to you, and how will you take advantage of it? Explore Aruba's approach to introducing SD-WAN through key capabilities such as Dynamic Path Selection, WAN health metrics, and monitoring to improve your overall network environment. 75min Airhead Breakout Manigandan Ganesan
Ramanan Subramanian
AB204 - First Look: Demonstration of Aruba SD-WAN Explore the role of SD-WAN and how you can design Aruba LAN, WLAN and WAN technologies to improve branch connectivity, visibility and security. These features include AppRF, role-based access, management, and security integrations. 75min Airhead Breakout Samuel Perez Bunuel
Ed Chang
AB205 - Aruba Network Management for Distributed Enterprises Join us for an in-depth look at the technology and features within Aruba Central, a cloud-hosted network management and services platform for wired and wireless networks. See how Aruba Central is ideal for distributed deployments like retail, K-12 and small-medium enterprises. 75min Airhead Breakout Ed Wright
AB206 - Use Cases: Aruba Instant for Simple and Scalable Wi-Fi for Branch Networks Aruba Instant powers connectivity across several verticals including distributed enterprises, retail, education/K-12, service providers and others. In this session, we discuss several customer use cases in these distributed environments. We will share insights into how Aruba Instant can seamlessly enable you to deploy, manage and troubleshoot your wireless network. 75min Airhead Breakout Prince Samar
AB207 - Aruba Instant: Enhancing the Reliability, Visibility and Flexibility of Distributed Environments Aruba Instant Wi-Fi offers a simple yet powerful solution that can scale to thousands of distributed locations. This session walks through a few deployment use cases to highlight how Instant meets the evolving needs of retail, K-12, hospitality and distributed enterprise customers. We will show how recent advances in Aruba Instant enhance reliability, visibility, flexibility and scalability of your wireless network. 75min Airhead Breakout Prince Samar
AB208 - Automating Branch Deployments with ArubaOS-Switch

Learn about centralized management, automation, and ease of deployment for various branch scenarios with Aruba switches and access points. Understand key principles for simple, secure wired access such as ZTP, VSF, IAP integration, and dynamic segmentation with Tunneled Node.

75min Airhead Breakout Samuel Perez Bunuel
Laura Neacsu
AB210 - Delivering Branch Connectivity with ArubaOS 8 Create basic WAN connectivity services using existing ArubaOS features and capabilities, as a stepping stone into software-defined distributed architecture. Learn about the best practices associated with branch design, including Zero Touch Provisioning and hierarchical configuration. 75min Airhead Breakout Dipen Vardhe
Vivek Achar
AB301 - Optimizing Your Wired Network for Mobility and IoT Ensure your wired network is built for Mobility and IoT from both software and hardware perspectives. Hear the latest on SmartRate multi-gigabit Ethernet, 802.3bt high-power POE, virtualization for manageability, high availability and more. 75min Airhead Breakout Mark Thompson
Angel Penilla
Cynthia Gonzales-Bahram
AB302 - Anatomy of the Aruba 8400 and 8320 with ArubaOS-CX Deep dive into the hardware and software architecture of the Aruba Core & Aggregation switches. Learn why AOS-CX is highly advantageous versus traditional approaches in core & aggregation with modularity, programmability, visibility and more. 75min Airhead Breakout Todd Osterberg
Scott Koster
AB303 - What's New with ArubaOS-Switch: Learn How to Make Your Life Easier and with Improved Security Walk through the latest innovations and feature delivery in ArubaOS-Switch 16.04, 16.05, and a preview of 16.06. Includes an overview of per-user Tunneled Node,downloadable user roles, enhancements to AAA and more. 75min Airhead Breakout Vishwas Shetiya
Justin Noonan
AB304 - Planning for Power: How Much Do You Really Need? Can you benefit from specific guidance on how to tackle a critical question in any network design: How much power do you build in? In this session, we will review the details of power planning, power supplies, POE density, expected draw, redundant vs max power and more. 75min Airhead Breakout Ed Kurata
AB305 - Best Practice Design for Campus Core & Aggregation In this session, you will learn whether a two-tier or three-tier design is best for your network, which Layer 3 protocol should be used and why, and how MC-LAG can deliver a highly available and high-performance network. 75min Airhead Breakout Reddy Bhupathi Penthala
AB306 - Three Options for Deploying Wired Networks with Zero-Touch Provisioning See ZTP in action with an overview and demo in three ways: DHCP-based, cloud-based with redirect, and cloud-provisioned. You'll learn how to confidently provision switches to sites anywhere in the world faster and with fewer errors. 75min Airhead Breakout Craig Mills
Justin Noonan
AB307 - APIs and Automation for the Wired Network Learn about REST APIs in Aruba switching and how to leverage these in ways both simple and sophisticated to automate network tasks. From VLAN creation to intelligent power monitoring, see demos showing these APIs in action. 75min Airhead Breakout Rajani Abraham
AB308 - Network Analytics Engine (NAE) for Automated Troubleshooting in the Campus Core & Aggregation Layers Automate monitoring and troubleshooting in the Core & Aggregation layer of the network with Aruba's new Network Analytics Engine, delivered as part of the Aruba 8400 and 8320 systems. See the powerful framework that leverages full programmability and complete telemetry to automate monitoring, troubleshooting and even remediation. Keep your skills sharp and knowledge fresh on how APIs, Python scripting, and networking come together for business assurance. 75min Airhead Breakout Charles Clark
Scott Koster
AB309 - Design Fundamentals: Aruba Campus Access Points, Switches, Mobility Controllers and AirWave Although Aruba makes it easy to choose the best architecture to fit your IT and business needs, it's vital to sort through some critical pre-deployment issues before you get started. Join us to review the latest product and architectural options from Aruba as well as validated LAN design best practices. 75min Airhead Breakout Ben Lowe
Vivek Achar
Dan Comfort
Sati Banerjee
AB310 - Design Fundamentals: Aruba Campus Network Design Learn design principles and best practices for an Aruba Mobile First wired and wireless campus network. We'll cover networking trends, and how you can design for them, wired and wireless design principles to get your network up and running quickly using network sizing, VLANs and subnets, Spanning Tree, Wi-Fi RF basics and AP placement, network security - and how to safely tune your network after it is up and running. Whether you are setting up a new network, or upgrading an existing one - we can help. 75min Airhead Breakout Ben Thomas
Kelly Fleshner
AB311 - Use Cases: Super-charging Meridian Capabilities with Ecosystem Partners featuring Teem and Patrocinium In this session, we'll discuss how Meridian's ecosystem partners are using our technology to enhance their solutions for specific verticals and use cases. We will present several examples of use cases, and cover how customers are utilizing these solutions. 75min Airhead Breakout Amy Franson
John South
Joe Finlayson
AB312 - Best Practices for Enabling Location Services on Your Aruba WLAN Network Aruba's location-based services, powered by Meridian and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds, engaging employees and customers in new ways, and creating business opportunities and efficiencies. In this session we'll Introduce Aruba's location-based services such as mobile engagement and asset tracking. 75min Airhead Breakout Justin Sergi
AB313 - How to Deploy and Manage a Meridian Asset Tracking Solution The new asset tracking solution powered by Meridian and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology helps organizations increase staff efficiency, reduce equipment costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Businesses can track assets by leveraging the value of their BLE-enabled Aruba WLAN infrastructure and Aruba BLE-based Asset Tags. Join this demo session to learn how set up and manage an asset tracking solution using tools from Aruba. 75min Airhead Breakout Nick Newton
AB314 - Meridian APIs: Getting the Most out of Your Location Data C-level executives believe APIs are about to change the way companies around the world do business. Learn how API's from Meridian give programmatic access to location information enabling customers and partners to integrate this information into custom built applications. 75min Airhead Breakout Nick Newton
AB315 - Getting the Most out of Meridian in Year Two Deploying a Meridian solution provides an exciting experience for end-users and helps venues to understand how users are interacting with their environment. This session will help Meridian customers understand how to get the most on-going value from their Meridian deployment including using accumulated location data. 75min Airhead Breakout Mike Wall
AB316 - The Meridian App Developer Challenge Airheads were invited to use Meridian to solve challenges using location-based services. Come see how fellow Airheads have used the power of Meridian to address interesting use cases. Awards for the best solutions will be given out during this session. 75min Airhead Breakout Amy Franson
Tim Vanevenhoven
AB317 - Mobile First Reference Architecture for Enterprise Campus Networks The Mobile First Reference Architecture for Enterprise covers small, medium, and large building blocks for the wired campus and controller based wireless design at scale all with integrated security for user and device segmentation. Come see how the reference architecture is being used for the Atmosphere 2018 network. 75min Airhead Breakout Kevin Marshall
Todd Osterberg
Jone Ostebo
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